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Hair Care


  1. Starting from the ends of your DreamTresses, work your way up onwards towards the clips gently brushing the hair before washing.

  2. You may use a gentle, or sulfate free shampoo. After shampooing your DreamTresses, gently squeeze the excess water and apply conditioner. Conditioner should always be silicon and protein free as these ingredients are overly drying on real human hair and can cause it to tangle. Gently massage your conditioner into your extensions. Afterwards, let the conditioner soak in your hair for at least 5 minutes before rinsing throughly.

    TIP - *It’s always a good idea to treat your DreamTresses to a nice deep conditioner at least once a week to avoid tangles and to lock in moisture. When you choose to deep condition, always make sure it’s at least for 30 minutes*

  3. Pat your extensions with a dry towel to remove excess water, brush gently starting to remove the tangles from the bottom of the hair and work your way up until all tangles are removed. You may leave your extensions to air-dry or you can blow-dry as well (medium heat setting - do not over dry!)


You can always blow-dry your DreamTresses for faster, smoother drying, however we recommend laying your extensions out to air-dry. Using a paddle brush, work your way up from bottom to top in small sections.

If you choose to blow-dry your extensions, always dry them with a medium heat setting and please be careful not to over dry! please make sure they have been conditioned for at least 5 minutes (30 minutes when deep conditioning) to lock in moisture. Always use a heat protector while using hot tools and styling on your DreamTresses Hair Extensions.

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